Product41 is our official supplier of all our data acquisition components, safety gear, and various parts found on our Team KBR Speed Shop racecars. Owner Ronnie Swyers also serves as one of our driver coaches and is an integral part of our racing program. 

Simply put, Molecule is the best way to keep your racer or your racecar clean! We use Molecule products for everything from washing driver gear, to cleaning towels in the shop, to using it to clean up the floors, tools, and equipment as well. 

Cobalt Racing Brakes serves as our official Brake partner for Team KBR Speed Shop. All racecars under our tent all depend on Cobalt Racing Brakes for their superior stopping power, and their length of life. 

Casa Bella Granite is a locally owned and operated stone slab importer just across the bridge in Portland, Oregon. With an indoor showroom and extensive knowledge and expertise, Team KBR Speed Shop highly recommends the products and services offered by Casa Bella. 

Need a high performance heater and air conditioner for your home or business? Our friends at Blairco Incorporated have a solution for you! Locally owned and operated here in Vancouver, Washington.